Diggn'It Gift Guide 2021

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021


The key to finding the perfect gift for yourself, a loved one or a significant other is treating them to something they will treasure, value and love. And for that, we got you covered! From whiskers to walrus, Diggn’ It Arabian beard sets and kits are developed to cover every step of a gentleman’s beard journey.

For the novice beardsman

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021

With a focus on the basics, the Arabian Beard Starter Kit is perfect for gentlemen just starting out their beard journey. It includes your choice of Arabian beard oil and also a Bamboo Beard Brush. This combination of product and tool keeps facial hair and skin well moisturized and nourished and promotes natural and healthy growth. 


For the intermediate beardsman (In Store Only)

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021

Don’t want to wait for shipping? 

The Diggn’ It Starter+ set is an in-store exclusive that any beardsman will cherish. It comes with your choice of both beard oil and beard balm as well as the Diggn’ It Bamboo Beard Brush. Balanced and flexible, the Starter+ set nourishes and styles facial hair while keeping surrounding skin healthy. Only available at our retail partner’s locations which can be found here. Please call ahead to check on in-store availability.


For the advanced beardsman

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021

The Arabian Beard Care Set is for the advanced beardsman who already has a grooming routine and male care objectives. This set comes packed with your choice of Arabian beard oil and beard balm and also includes a mustache wax and a sandalwood beard comb. The balm, oil and wax will keep beard hair looking radiant and healthy while the comb aids in product absorption and detangling and straightening hair.  



For the diverse beardsman

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021

A fan favorite, the Arabian Beard Oil Sampler Set is perfect for men who enjoy a variety of fragrances and scents. It contains bottles of each of our beard oil fragrances - Misk, Oud, Rose, and Amber - which lets a beardsman change up the vibe when they want to. Eliminate beard itch with style and flair as Diggn’it Arabian Beard products soften, thicken, and nourish facial hair and skin. 



For the deluxe beardsman

Diggn’It Gift Guide 2021

Every beardsman’s dream gift, The Gentlemen’s Essentials comes fully loaded with Arabian flair as well as all your favorite beardy goodies. Product nourishes your facial hair making it healthy and vibrant, the tools keep your beard and mustache picture perfect and the bag stylishly makes sure nothing gets lost while letting you groom on the move. Go all in! 

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