About Us


About Us
Proudly born in a home kitchen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Diggn’ It’s founders are Samya Fetyani, Layal Ismail, and Waseem Sendi. 
What originally started as a simple curiosity quickly developed into a passion and is now a business. 
When I first started growing my beard, I told myself (and anyone in earshot) that this was a matter of personal and social responsibility. My beard not only lets me live my vibe; it acts as a gateway for me to take part in a rich, historic Arabian tradition. Many warned me that a full beard was not safe for traveling, not conducive for a work environment, and other facial hair misconceptions. 

I heard what everyone was saying but didn’t listen and don’t regret it. I wanted a full beard, my wife Samya was down for it, and if both she and I were vibing then the world would have to deal with my beard, my wife, and I!


I began using beard oils to supplement my facial hair growth and realized that all the products I purchased originated from Australia, America, or Europe; there was no Arabian beard care company. I mean come on, Arabs are some of the hairiest people around and we have years of old-school understanding about great hair. Samya and I met Layal Ismail, a super beard fan and chemical engineer, and the three of us began experimenting with oils. Soon enough, we developed an Arabian beard oil and, in due time, an Arabian beard care company. 



One day, someone saw a picture of my still-in-progress beard and wondered aloud what I was doing growing my beard out so haphazardly. 

Samya responded, "Why? I'm digging it!”, we looked at each other and knew our company’s name had found us! Diggn means “beard” in Arabic and “crazy about” in English. Such a relevant, appropriate, perfect name was just too good to pass up.


We initially produced the oils at home and sold them to friends, family, and word of mouth references. The feedback and reception was overwhelmingly positive which motivated us to further our goals, ambitions, and product line.

In 2016, we officially launched our first market-ready products, a misk and oud beard care line, at Homegrown Market in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With a focus on the community and social media, Diggn’ it has steadily expanded its fragrances, products, and tools - each one inspired by Arabian traditions, all-natural ingredients, and made with quality as a priority.  




About Us

Diggn’It is the Arabian beard care company that will change the way the world sees the beard. We aim to solidify the community of healthy men who are proud of their beards and demand Arabian barbering excellence. 

We are who we are because of you, our community, so thank you for making Diggn’It a reality :)

Waseem Sendi 

Co-Founder, Diggn’It