6 ways to enjoy quarantine with your children

6 ways to enjoy quarantine with your children

Quarantine has been tough on everyone. Workers, parents, students, you name it. For this reason, Diggn’It has come up with 6 ways to enjoy quarantine with your children. 

It is important to remember sometimes the activity is less important than just your presence and time with your child. Often, you may begin one activity but end up doing or talking about something else and that is the point! Enjoy and soak up this time away from work and with your loved ones, it hopefully won’t happen again!   


  • Have a reading hour

A reading hour is not just you, your kid, and a book. It’s a journey you guys take together, it is a shared experience in which reading duties should be switched every 5-10 minutes to keep the energy up and the story alive.  

  • Make art with them 

Start simple with just a pen/pencil and paper. If you guys find yourself getting into it then advance to canvas, paints, and other messier types of art form! 

  • Write a story 

Again, there are no set rules. You guys could collaborate and work on one story or after a set amount of writing time, say 30 mins, take turns reading each other’s story and deciding what each liked and what they would change is constructive feedback. 

The tried and tested for our generation, a movie night requires little energy and usually includes snacks!

  • Bake with them

Cookies, cakes, brownies, doesn’t matter. This activity teaches planning, improvisation, safety, and cleaning up after yourself. Also, the end result is usually/hopefully delicious!  

  • Play board games

Rekindle your own inner child and play some of the board games you grew up playing. You can start with the good old Snakes & Ladders and Ludo and move up from there.

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