Beard Oil vs. Rogaine: What’s best for you?

Beard Oil vs. Rogaine: What's best for you?

We all have a friend or a relative who swears that their beard remedy is the best way to get a fuller, healthy face of hair. Some people talk about rubbing olive oil into your chin, others will talk about eating fish oil to make sure your beard and mustache keep their sheen. In this article, we’re going to talk about and compare a couple of the most popular methods in the beards community - Rogaine and Beard Oil. 

What They Are

Rogaine, often also called by its generic name Minoxidil, is a foam that’s available over the counter that claims to help with hair loss. Studies have suggested that Rogaine expands hair follicles and it keeps the growing phase of hair going for longer than it normally would. 

While Rogaine changes how your hair grows, Beard Oil works differently. As a mix of essential oils, Beard Oil actually works to nourish the hair itself and fortify the skin underneath. It acts as a moisturizer while also helping with grooming. 

Do They Work?

As we mentioned before, Rogaine is a popular choice for combatting baldness. Because of that, people have recommended putting it on your chin and cheeks to help grow a full, healthy beard. The truth is that although Rogaine has had some success in fighting baldness, there’s little evidence that it could help with growing a beard. The reason for that is that Rogaine focuses on the skin, but beard and moustache hair depend on your body’s hormones, specifically testosterone and dihydro testosterone (DHT). While Rogaine will alter the chances your hair has to grow and access pores in your skin, it won’t affect your testosterone levels, so there’s little evidence that it’ll help your beard come in fully and help it stay healthy. 

Beard Oil is specifically designed to help your facial hair grow in a positive, and sustainable way. It performs a number of key tasks all at once to make sure you don’t have to compromise your facial hair health. Since Beard Oil is primarily essential oils, it will help smooth and regulate straggles and strands from your beard while also moisturizing the skin underneath to help fight itch and dryness. Beard Oil also only needs to be applied once, after showering, when your beard is damp. While Beard Oil also won’t make your facial hair grow any faster, it will definitely create a sustainable, healthy environment for  your facial hair.

What We Think

To us, the smart choice for a healthy beard is to pick out a Beard Oil that smells great and keeps your facial hair happy. Making Beard Oil a part of your daily routine will not only keep your skin healthy, but a Beard Oil that works for you will keep your beard feel like the work of art it really is.

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