Can beard products help you grow a beard?

Can beard products help you grow a beard?

A common question for a lot of guys growing their beard for the first time, the answer is Yes, but not in the way you might think. These are the ways in which our products can help you grow a beard. 

  1. One of the most common reasons men have trouble growing their beard is once the itchiness starts, it drives them crazy and they shave. Beard Oil prevents the itch by moisturizing the skin and hair, helping you get through the “itchy” phase. 

  2. Vitamin E is found in abundance in our products and is known to be the best for hair health because it stimulates the growth of capillaries which provide blood to the follicles. This means stronger, healthier hair growth. It’s the same way you would nourish a growing a seed with nutrients makes your plants healthier, feeding your beard with vitamin E will help it grow healthier. 

  3. Beard oils are not magic hair-growth syrup that you can rub on baldness and expect to see a full hair. There is no scientific way to just “make hair grow”. Certain vitamins and minerals can contribute to hair growth, but genetics will always play a bigger role than any other factor. 

Any person who has tried beard oil knows how beneficial it is. It is the most essential, basic product that will help you on your beard growth journey. Happy Growing. 


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i have the balm and oil products. how often should i use each one and when do i apply each product. answer now or else!


مرحبا انا اليوم طلبت طلبية بدي اعرف عم يوم توصيل و التوصيل عن طريقة شركة

Mohammad Sahlabji

Hi Dimaz,

Thank you for your question. You can find detailed information on our youtube channel. Please find a link on a comprehensive video on how to use the beard oil.

Diggn'it Team

how to use the oil beard diggn’it and how many times a day usage


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