Does Shaved Hair Really Grow Back Thicker?

Does Shaved Hair Really Grow Back Thicker?

Wonderful news for men around the world. That moment you’ve dreams upon is finally here. You can now go and tell your mother she was and is WRONG!

Remember when you were younger, barely had a ‘sachet and your elders would say, “Don’t shave it, the hair will grow back thicker.” Turns out they just didn’t want us around razors so young! Because hair that grows back doesn't change in thickness, color or rate of growth.

The Mayo Clinic, a leader in healthcare research, has categorically denied that hair changes when shaved. They say your hair may have a blunt, coarse tip after shaving which may make the hair look more noticeable and maybe even darker and thicker but it’s not really. 

Does Shaved Hair Really Grow Back Thicker?

When you shave, the upper part of the hair is removed. If you notice, however, the root of the hair is thicker and more developed. Thus, when you shave, the lighter, thinner part of the hair is removed and the thicker root is now the base for your facial hair. This thicker part is the first to emerge from shaved skin, giving the appearance of thicker-growing hair. But this thick base will naturally wear down into a thinner tip over time as the hair continues to grow. 

Diggn’ It does not condone shaving or other hair-removal techniques except for styling purposes. As a groomer, however, it is our duty to inform you of the facts related to skin and hair.

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