Should The Hairy Man Use Beard Oil?

Should The Hairy Man Use Beard Oil?

If you already have luscious locks of beard hair flowing off your chin, and perhaps the mane of a stallion of hair elsewhere, you might think of adding beard oil to your daily grooming routine is excessive. After all, it might seem like jumping into a swimming pool in the middle of a rainstorm. Your body already produces plenty of natural oils around your hair follicles, and what benefits would you possibly get from a beard oil?

There is actually quite a lot of benefits that a hairy man can get from using beard oil that might surprise you.

Preventing beard dandruff

If you have a lot of hair, then it is possible that you might not remove dead or flakily skin from your hair during a shower. Dandruff (flakes of dead skin) can accumulate around hair follicles and remain weeks and months at a time, contribute to dryness, hair follicle decay and irritation. Additionally, it can occasionally spill out and appear on your clothes and around your home.

Whilst shampoo and conditioner can break down and wash out the beard dandruff, this is simply a treatment rather than a cure. Beard oil will prevent the skin from becoming dry, helping it remain healthy and not flake off.

Beard oil is non-greasy

Most skin is naturally greasy and full of bacteria. Much of the bacteria is healthy, prevents skin diseases gaining a foothold and contributes to a natural shine (hence why no one recommends bathing in antiseptic). But not all skin was made equal and many men, especially those who are very hairy, don’t have the best skin under their beards. Beard oil is an all-natural and non-greasy way to encourage healthy skin, helpful bacteria and should be paired with a moisturizer of choice.

Making all hair shine and glow

We saved the best advantage for last, beard oil makes your beard look healthy and luscious. You might have healthy skin, but the ends of beard follicles can become split, damaged and more over time. Beard oil protects the beard hair stems from the effects of sun damage, wind and day to day wear and tear.

Overall, if you are a naturally hairy man then there is even more reason for you to use beard oil.

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