Top 10 Superhero Beards

Top 10 Superhero Beards

Being a superhero doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. One of the best ways heros can keep their look fresh is with some super facial hair. Here we’ve collected the top 10 beards and mustaches in comic books.

  1. Thor

The Gold of Thunder is a viking through and through and has the wild, untamed beard of a plunderer and deity to prove it.


  1. Nick Fury

Nick Fury is probably best known for his eye patch, but the man knows how to keep a perfect five o’clock shadow around the clock.

  1. Sinestro

A classic villain with a classic villain look. Sinestro’s pencil moustache is as much a part of his look as his pink skin and yellow ring.  


  1. Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, doesn’t always have a beard, but when he does, it looks awesome. He keeps his signature skunk stripe and makes the leader of the Fantastic Four look even more distinguished than he already does. 


  1. Aquaman

The King of Atlantis’s beard is lush, golden, and always the perfect mix of rugged and shaped. Maybe it’s all the exfoliating that happens in all that sea water.


  1. Lobo

Lobo came out of the heavy metal culture of the 1980’s and leans all the way in. His long hair and handlebar mustache are a clear warning to everyone across the galaxy not to mess around with him.

  1. Green Arrow

Oliver Queen’s Robin Hood-inspired beard is the perfect look for the archer, encompassing his use of a bow and arrow and the quirky, witty fun that the character brings to all of his work.


  1. Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme is supreme when it comes to goatees in the comic world. Mystical powers are the only explanation for how he can keep his facial hair so sharp looking while fighting interdimensional and extra-terrestrial threats.


  1. Wolverine

Probably the most famous pair of sideburns ever drawn. Wolverine brings his rugged Canadian heritage and wears it clearly on his face, taking an old-school looking and making it timeless. 


  1. Tony Stark

Even with a full face-covering helmet on, Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, keeps his facial hair fresh and on point. His look is never the same, but there is nowhere in the multiverse that Tony Stark doesn’t have the best facial hair around.

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